Richard S McCoy

Richard McCoy is an art and design consultant in the state of Indiana, educator, writer.

Tabernacle Presbyterian Church. (at Tabernacle Presbyterian Church)


Woo-hoo! Personal Best time in a 5k: 24:08. (at Downtown Columbus)

So Columbus. (at Powerhouse Brewing Company)

Saarinen outside the vault. (at Irwin Conference Center)

The Library. (at Central Library)

Bent. (at Flamingo (sculpture))

Yes. (at Au Cheval)

Doot da doot. (at Target Chicago State St.)

Oh, never mind. (at Millennium Park)

There’s a “Flying Dragon” in there. (at The Art Institute of Chicago)

Visualizing big data over Chicago. (at Chicago Architecture Foundation)

Nearly empty. (at National Gallery of Art)

Under the shadows. (at L’Enfant Plaza (WMATA station))

To the future. (at National Archives Building)

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