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Richard McCoy is an art and design consultant in the state of Indiana, educator, writer.


Antientest Burial Place, New London, Connecticut. Organized a workshop there back in 2008. What a great town! and awesome comic books store downtown. Beautiful cemetery, unfortunately with a school on one side and housing projects flanking the back.

This is a pretty great introduction to what looks like an engaging conservation project at the Legion of Honor (@LegionofHonor):


The Salon Doré period room is one of the jewels of the Fine Arts Museums of San Francisco. This year, it will undergo a complete conservation and restoration project designed to return the the room to its original 18th-century glory.

Experience conservation in action! Conservators will conduct their work in Gallery 13 in full view of the public. For a comprehensive timeline detailing the long and storied history of the Salon Doré, visit the website

Donald Judd Conservation Projection

I’ve been enjoying this blog dedicated to the conservation-restoration of Donald Judd’s 1984 installation “untitled” at the Laumeier Sculpture Park in St. Louis. Go check it out here.

This portrait of me “restored” by the Octogenarian Restorer …

It’s a lot better, don’t you think? Here’s some of her other work.

A video in which I talk about the restoration of Robert Indiana’s “Numbers”.


Conserving an Icon: Traces of Time in The Beanery by Kienholz

New on Wikipedia: an article about the conservation and restoration of ceramic objects

Go check it out — and go help make it more awesome!

David Ascalon versus the “restorer” David Grindle.  

While the WSJ covers this story and brought it to national attention, they provide an incomplete version and instead veer to other questions about VARA. 

Oddly, the WSJ does not even name the guy who did the restoration work (David Grindle), or point out that in addition to Grindle’s signature (partially visible in the above WSJ image), there is also a list of “restoration advisors” engraved on the sculpture.  

The 1709 Blog provides some more facts and images of the signatures and before and after shots (though all low resolution).  The Courthouse News also covers the story well. 

Even more odd, is that all of this happened back in 2007, and its now just coming to light because it’s hitting the courts.   

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